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    1. 郑州兴润印刷
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        Planti is a professional glass and growing light supplier. With core value being Plenty of Value, Planti strives to create and deliver value added product and service to customers worldwide. Planti has access to the highest-standard glass production facility, years of experience in glass packaging and shipping, world-wide expertise in helping growers choose the correct type of glass for a variety of crops.

        Nowadays, Planti supplies glass cleaning agent and growing light for growers to help them to be relieved from their long-term struggle in the daily function of the greenhouse.

        Planti glass factory is a professional manufacturer of diffuse glass, a national high-tech enterprise, ISO9001 quality system certi?ed and is one of the drafters of Chinese National Standard of solar glass and China Industrial Standard of ARC glass with a huge annual production capacity of 10 million square meters.

        Planti team has years experience in greenhouse industry with professional greenhouse glass knowledge to serve the agriculture industry at any time.

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